Pressure Washer Operating Procedures 


Pre-start up

  1. Check Fuel levels
    1. Gasoline tank is attached to engine

i.Only fill with gasoline

ii.Gasoline should be stored in a red container

  1. Diesel tank is for burner

i.Only fill with diesel fuel

ii.Diesel fuel should be stored in yellow or green container

  1. Check engine oil
    1. Mark on dip stick shows correct level
  2. Connect inlet water hose to intake on pump
  3. Connect outlet, high pressure hose to outlet on pump
  4. Connect trigger gun and wand to high pressure hose
  5. Insert nozzle at end of wand
  6. Turn on water at source


Engine Start Up

  1. Check that burner switch is in OFF position
  2. Turn engine switch to ON position
  3. Turn gasoline fuel valve to ON position
  4. Engage engine choke by pulling up
  5. Start engine
    1. If manual start, pull rope to start engine
    2. If electric start, turn key to start engine
  6. Let engine idle to warm-up, about 10-20 seconds
  7. Disengage choke by pushing in
    1. Engine should run smoothly
  8. Point wand away from people and objects and pull trigger on gun to purge air from high pressure hose
    1. Hold until steady, continuous, pressurized water streams from nozzle
    2. Release trigger

16.NEVER put hand in front of nozzle

i.High pressure water will cut through skin


Burner Operation

  1. Turn burner switch to ON position
  2. While standing near machine, test burner
    1. Pull trigger

i.Burner will rumble and heat will rise from coil if operating properly

ii.Burn should be clear

  1. Release trigger

i.Burner should stop rumbling

ii.Very little heat should be rising from coil




  1. Proceed to work area
  2. Point wand at surface to be cleaned
    1. Use gloves, wand handle or insulated wand grip to handle wand as it will be hot
  3. Pull trigger
  4. While engine is running, the trigger gun must be activated (pulled) at least every 3 minutes
    1. If not possible to pull trigger every 3 minutes, shut-down engine and burner
  5. If pressure washer is left running without pulling the trigger, pump will overheat
    1. This may result in severe damage to the pump



  1. Turn burner switch to OFF position
  2. Hold trigger in open position for about 3 minutes to purge hot water from lines
    1. Wand should be cool to the touch
  3. While trigger gun is engaged
    1. Turn engine switch to OFF
  4. Release trigger
  5. Turn gasoline fuel valve to OFF
  6. Turn off inlet water source/valve
  7. Disconnect inlet water hose from machine
  8. Disconnect high pressure hose from machine
  9. Disconnect gun & wand from high pressure hose
  10. Store Gun & Wand
  11. Loosely coil hose and store



Periodic Preventive Maintenance should be performed weekly or after every 40 hours of operation

  1. Check pump oil
  2. Inspect dip stick or site glass on pump (rear or side)
    1. Red dot indicates correct level on site glass
    2. Yellow dip stick is marked with diamond pattern at correct level
  3. DO NOT OVER FILL pump with oil
    1. Pumps are designed to be only ½ full of oil
    2. Clean and lubricate Quick Connects
  4.  a small brush or toothbrush works well to remove dirt and debris from fittings
  5. Spray cleaned connectors with WD40 or other silicone lubricant
  6. Quick connects should release smoothly or be replaced
    1. Inspect o-rings
  7. Use a dental pick to remove worn or damaged o-rings
  8. Press new o-rings into grooved slot
    1. Check that
  9. engine is running smoothly
  10. exhaust is clear
  11. burner is burning clear
  12. burner sound is smooth                 
  13. water is steady and continuous from pump                 



Trouble Shooting-


Burner System

  1. If burner system fails to turn on
  2. Check diesel fuel level
  3. Check that fuel switch is in ON position
  4. Confirm that inlet water valve is on
  5. If above is OK, and burner is not operating
    1. DO NOT USE Pressure Washer with burner
    2. Contact manager to report need for service call
    3. If burner does not shut-down when trigger gun is released
  6. DO NOT USE Pressure Washer with burner
  7. Contact manager to report need for service call



  1. Engine is not running smoothly
  2. Contact manager to report need for service call
    1. Engine smokes
  3. Contact manager to report need for service call
    1. Pressure is not steady, pulsates or sputters
  4. Contact manager to report need for service call



  1. Pump pulsates
  2. Contact manager to report need for service call
    1. Pump pressure is low
  3. Contact manager to report need for service call


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