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We offer

pressure washers,

vacuum recovery 



filtration systems 


We stock all common pressure washer parts as well as small engine and vacuum parts to keep your system running


Bring your equipment to us in Lake Elsinore


call for field service in most of Southern California  

Pre Owned

We have great deals on pre owned equipment.

Trade in your old system for credit toward a new one. 

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At CM Wash Equipment we pride ourselves on having the expertise to recommend the best cleaning equipment for your application as well as the accessories to maximize results and efficiency.

We are constantly researching cleaning methods and working with customers to achieve optimum results.

We are cleaning equipment experts.

**Coming Soon-Detail Supplies**

Soaps, brushes, and supplies for professional auto detailers.

**Spot-free water station**


CM WASH EQUIPMENT continues to lead the industry with custom closed-loop water recycling systems which combine a power or pressure washer with a vacuum tool to reclaim wastewater and filter it to elimiate gray water discharge where it may harm  the environment. These accessories are vital to the future use of pressure washers and steam cleaners in concert with a healthy environment.

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